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Media City Publishers promises to help you bring your book to market using an effective combination of self-publishing and traditional methods. By choosing to self-publish with Media City Publishers, you maintain control over editorial, design, the timing of publishing, and the greater share of royalties, but also benefit from our professional publishing and marketing guidance throughout the process.
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Author Spotlight:

Author Dr. Patricia Barrington explains why she chose to publish her book with Media City Publishers.  She talks about how Media City set up her personal website, which also includes her work as a speaker, a life coach, and the founder of multiple charitable missions in Africa.  She also discusses the quality of Media City’s editing services and her satisfaction with the design and the reception of her book around the world.
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Media City Publishers was founded because major publishers today have lost their way. Publishing deals are reserved for those with a media platform, celebrities, and authors who have already been published. How many books can Bill O’Reilly write about killing old presidents?  Publishers shut small voices out so that they are never heard anymore. Publishing used to be the way that people gained audience. Publishers today want you to have an audience before they publish you.  Moreover, those with a major media platform, a huge church, or a large audience don’t need publishers to take 90% of their sales. For what? You built your following, you should keep the money.  Media City Publishers helps you do just that.
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